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International Services

Looking to scale your international business? Now you can extend your reach across continents securely, and conduct business outside the U.S. with ease and confidence.

International Services at Your Fingertips

Foreign Exchange and Trading Systems for Today's World

FX Advance® is a secure web-based foreign exchange dealing system for international business transactions and foreign exchange management. Monitor currency markets, obtain Bank of Albuquerque competitive pricing and efficiently execute transactions with a high level of security. This intuitive online tool puts the power of an FX desk at your fingertips. Make informed decisions to benefit your company and confidently manage your global business anywhere, anytime.

And with Trade Advance®, our proprietary internet-based trade finance system, you can securely manage your company’s cross-border transactions and cash flow — whenever it fits your schedule. With around-the-clock access to your data, you can approve transactions or review reports any time. Trade Advance streamlines the process of creating and distributing the documentation associated with collecting and making international payments.

  • Foreign Exchange

    Manage your company's foreign currency exposure with our foreign exchange services for international business. Whether buying, selling or making investments outside the U.S., your company can benefit from our personalized solutions and competitive pricing. We can be your guide to understanding foreign exchange while helping to manage risk.

  • Trade Finance

    Our international trade financing solutions provide U.S. exporters with tools to help develop international sales. We structure the terms of sale to manage payment risk, expedite cash flow and increase global presence.

  • Trade Services

    With our deep experience in international trade services, we can help you mitigate risk while seizing growth opportunities. Our letter of credit specialists can assist your company in structuring a letter of credit that provides protection and satisfies the beneficiary’s requirements.

  • International Treasury Services

    We can guide your plan to execute and expedite treasury services for global banking. Control international payables and receive foreign currency payments. Make overseas investments, or maintain fluid import and export relationships through wire transfers, drafts, check clearing and international collections. Manage all of your international treasury services through accessible, reliable and secure online tools. And know that you're always supported by the high touch customer service you'd expect from Bank of Albuquerque.