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SBA Loans

The Power of SBA Loans

SBA (Small Business Administration) loans empower Bank of Albuquerque to provide more creative and flexible loan options, such as lower down payments, longer repayment terms, less reliance on collateral and even long term fixed rates.

A large industrial steel machine funded by a BOK small business administration loan.

SBA Loan Options

SBA 7(a)

Ideal for:

  • Buying a business
  • Partner buy-out
  • Debt refinance
  • Purchasing commercial real estate
  • Purchasing equipment
  • Line of credit


  • Up to 10-years for non-real estate
  • Up to 25-years for commercial real estate

SBA 504

Ideal for:

  • Purchasing commercial real estate
  • Renovations on commercial real estate
  • Completing ground up construction of commercial real estate
  • Refinancing commercial real estate
  • Purchasing heavy equipment

Loan Amount:

  • Total project size is uncapped


  • Up to 20 or 25 years for commercial real estate
  • Up to 10 years for heavy equipment

Why SBA?

Despite what you may have heard, the SBA loan process has improved significantly over the years, and looks very similar to a non-SBA loan process. Plus there were more than 58 thousand businesses who accessed an SBA loan in 2019, totaling over $30 billion in SBA projects; further proof of the efficacy of the SBA loan programs.

Why Bank of Albuquerque?

Bank of Albuquerque is a Preferred SBA Lender, which means we handle the loan in-house from cradle to grave with no interaction with the SBA, thereby providing a smooth process for both you and your banker.

Ready to Talk?

Our SBA experts are ready to discuss your business needs. Please take a couple of minutes to provide some information and one of our bankers will contact you.

Recent SBA Business

  • Landscaping Company


    $1 Million


    Debt Refinance

  • Professional School


    $11 Million


    Ground Up Construction

  • Insurance Company


    $1.25 Million


    Partner Buy-Out

  • Robotics Company




    Line of Credit

  • Roofing Company


    $2 Million


    Purchase / Renovate Real Estate