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Correspondent Banking

BOK Financial has more than 30 years of experience providing banks with credit lines, treasury, investment, ATM and EFT services. A strong banking system is essential to the survival and growth of our nation’s local communities, and BOK Financial is proud to be a partner with many banks throughout our footprint.

business owner calling up BOK Financial as they have chosen them as a business partner they can trust in the banking industry.

Choose a Partner You Can Trust

In the banking industry, change is constant. Technology. Regulations. Customer needs. That’s why you’re looking for a partner to provide tools to better serve your clients, while decreasing your expenses and easing regulatory burdens.

We can help you simplify your business and make your financial institution more efficient. We understand the unique challenges you face to enhance your bottom line.

You’re not just getting one skilled, experienced banking professional; you’re getting the benefit of a whole team of professionals who have a proven track record so you can be confident in the service and advice you receive. We help you move beyond regulatory requirements with a comprehensive, cost-efficient, tailored solution to enhance your financial institution’s performance by engaging your management team to formulate ideas and execute strategies that drive results.

  • Don't allow investment opportunities to pass you by. We help deliver fast access to capital to help fuel your future growth. Look to us for financing options you can count on for the cash flow you need.

    • ACH and Wires Services
    • Commercial Card Solutions
    • Coin and Currency / Cash Vault
    • Positive Pay
    • Image Cash Letter
    • Controlled Disbursement
    • Remote Corporate Capture
    • Lockbox Network
    • Information Reporting and Transaction Initiation Services
    • Sweep Services
  • We offer cost-effective and customized payment solutions so you can start making card sales right away.

  • Running a financial institution means running a business. We have a unique set of products and services to help you build a healthy long-term business plan.

A Trusted Partner

Our team is trained to provide you with tools to better serve your clients, decrease your expenses and ease regulatory burdens. With us you'll find:

  • Strategic banking relationships throughout the United States.
  • Decades of experience working with financial institutions.
  • Innovative solutions to help streamline your business.
  • Advice and expertise to stay competitive.

Balance Sheet Services

  • Third-party review of your current asset/liability model

    • Evaluate policies and procedures.
    • Verify model inputs.
    • Assess reasonableness of assumptions.
    • Provide recommendations for enhancements to the ALCO process.
    • Modeling utilizing detailed information pulled from the institution’s core processing system.
    • Key assumption review.
    • GAP, one and two year parallel rate shocks of income, non-parallel rate shocks, rate shock market value of equity.
    • Back testing of model results.
    • Sensitivity and scenario analysis available for an additional fee.
    • Underwriting of Brokered CDs in multiple terms and structures to fit your balance sheet.
  • Two levels of service are available:

    • GAP, one and two year parallel rate shocks of income, non-parallel rate shocks, rate shock market value of equity, limited assumption modeling.
    • Back testing of model result.
    • Suitable for management and board of director levels.
    • Full reporting on a variety of portfolio metrics:
      • Static and rate shock analysis.
    • Yield, duration, cash flow, total return, market value average life.
    • Peer comparison reporting.
    • Economic perspectives.
    • Full credit review of existing municipal portfolio.
    • Pre-purchase analysis on all new portfolio additions.