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Loans and Lines of Credit

Looking for a loan, but not sure where to start?

Perhaps you're about to make a large purchase — a car or house — or maybe you need something a little smaller. Either way, we have you covered.
Parent reading a story to their child and enjoying more free with a BOK line of credit.
  • Home Loans
    Your home is one of your biggest investments. Whether you're buying for the first time, upgrading houses, or even looking for a loan to help improve your current house, one of our loans may help you make the most out of your house.
  • Auto Loans
    We know how vital your car is to getting around in your everyday life. For the right car, you'll want to find the right auto loan.
  • Personal Loans and Lines of Credit
    Whether you're looking for a personal loan, or a line of credit for fast access to cash, or aren't sure what type of loan you need, this is the place to start.
  • Credit Cards
    With many different types of credit cards, you're sure to find the card you need with us. We offer cards with rewards, cash back or long introductory rate periods. If you're a student or looking to build your credit, we even have cards just for you.

What Makes a Bank of Albuquerque Loan Different?

  • Competitive Interest Rates

    We keep our interest rates competitive, so you can borrow as much as you need without worry.
  • Fast Closings

    Because we operate locally, we can ensure timely and easy closings.
  • The Perfect Fit

    We know there's no one right loan for everyone, so we've made it easy to find a loan to fit your needs. With lots of flexible options, we'll help you find the right loan for you today.