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Real Estate Management

Count on our cost-effective and informed strategies in fiduciary property management. We can work together to preserve and enhance your real estate property assets.

Large section of real estate funded through BOK loan featuring green farmlands with roaming cows.

Property Administration for Structures and Land

Along with our other banking divisions, we serve as trustee and agent for more than 1,500 assets nationwide, including personal residences, income-generating residential and commercial properties, unimproved acreages, vacant lots, farms and ranch lands. Learn more about what we can take care of for you, including:

  • From urban residential and commercial structures to farm and ranch land, we can help. In addition, we provide mortgage application services, full-service accounts and receivables, and we'll stay on top of taxes, reporting, accounting and operations.

  • We've established and improved upon thousands of loans, notes, foreclosures, delinquencies and more. Our top-notch negotiating skills can be a huge benefit to you and your investment. With a seasoned professional at the helm, you're in a position to make the most of your investment.

  • Knowledge is power. Our dedicated advisors align asset performance to your investment objectives, estate plan and tax situation. We listen to what you want your property to do, and we'll work hard to make it happen.

We Can Help Our Clients with:

  • Residential and investment property management.
  • Sales, acquisitions and lease negotiations.
  • Estate settlement and distribution.
  • 1031 like-kind exchange.
  • Develop an annual operating plan, including budgets.
  • Enrollment in state and federal agricultural and wildlife programs.
  • Create and implement wide-ranging conservation programs.
  • Monitor stocking rates and grazing pressure.
  • Negotiate leases, easements and surface damage repairs.
  • Service and enforce secured and unsecured loans.
  • Process and track note payables and receivables.
  • Management of the foreclosure process.
  • Coordination of loan origination and closing.
  • Timely resolution of delinquencies.
  • Accounts receivable and payable processing.
  • Ad valorem tax administration.
  • Risk management and maintenance of insurance coverage.
  • Detailed monthly, quarterly or annual statements.
  • Comprehensive tax reporting.

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