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Special Needs and Disability Trust Services

When the need arises for a professional trustee experienced in the administration of special needs and disability trusts1, choose the experienced fiduciary professionals at Bank of Albuquerque Private Wealth. Our trust officers and portfolio managers have specialized education and professional designations. We administer each trust with the beneficiary’s best interests in mind and tailor our services to each client's unique situation.

Disabled person in wheelchair eligible for trust and disability admin services through BOK Financial.

A full suite of trust and financial services to help meet your needs

Bank of Albuquerque provides professional Special Needs Trust services to meet your specific needs. Each client receives personalized management from a trust officer, a portfolio manager and, if needed, a specialty asset manager for assets such as real estate or mineral and oil and gas management.

Our goal is to ensure the administration of the trust complies with its terms and in a manner that allows disabled individuals to continue to qualify for or seek governmental benefits such as Medicaid, Medicare, SSI, SSDI, and state-specific waiver programs as may be appropriate.

Choose our experienced special needs and disability trust solutions team for your trust needs.

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