Labor Pains:
Recruiting & Retaining Talent

The past year has changed life and, especially, work. Small and midsized employers are now—some for the first time—competing for talent with companies around the world thanks to the rise of remote work. The ability to recruit and retain a talented workforce will be a challenge as the economy begins to improve.

BOK Financial® is sharing strategic insight and actionable advice—gleaned from interviews with experts in recruiting, diversity and communications—to help employers prosper as America bounces back.

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recruiting and retaining talent

What employers should be doing now

Landing top talent and keeping them engaged is more challenging now that candidates are looking for more out of their roles. Learn what you can do to make yours a best place to work including an inclusive approach to recruiting.

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The great bounce back

How small and midsized businesses can harness change to recruit diverse talent and engage vibrant teams.

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Corporate culture post-pandemic

Many workers are considering a job change; know the strategies for keeping yours engaged and motivated.

An anxious workforce

Younger workers are more stressed than ever. What employers should know and what can be done about it.

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Getting intentional about inclusion

Diverse hiring practices require intentionality and some new approaches.

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Talent on the spectrum

Unemployment for individuals with disabilities hit a 7-year high in 2020. Organizations like Autonomy Works are working to change that.

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diversity & inclusion

Supporting diversity and inclusion in your organization

BOK Financial CHRO Kelley Weil shares information on how employers can approach increasing diversity and building an inclusive environment in the workplace.

Creating Diversity & Inclusion Programs

What should companies consider as they look to introduce D&I programs?

Programs & Opportunities for Improving Representation

From mentorship to talent review sessions, employers can take active steps to ensure under-represented groups have opportunities for advancement.

Diversity & Inclusion Education

Start with a focus on inclusion and provide tools for managers to make sure they’re able to support D&I initiatives.

Creating an Inclusion Toolkit

Provide information and exercises to engage managers in fostering an inclusive environment.

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